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Helen Zarin Biography

Zarin – The name instinctively provokes the imagination with the mystery of antiquity, of an illustrious by-gone age. Zarin’s paintings coerce the viewer to engage her works and command one’s attention. The swaths of bold colors tempestuously sweeping across each canbas coalesce in the finality… Read More »Helen Zarin Biography

Kari Taylor Biography

Kari grew up in Arizona, where she attended Arizona State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking. After college, she worked in the fine art field producing both commercial prints and artwork. Previously a dancer and choreographer, she is drawn to objects… Read More »Kari Taylor Biography

Dennis Sheehan Biography

Dennis Sheehan’s work is often described as reminiscent of the great masters of the Barbizon school, in France in the 19th century, and the American Tonalist. Born in Boston in 1950, he has works in major public and private collections, including the White House. His… Read More »Dennis Sheehan Biography

Anke Schofield Biography

Piquing the imagination, Anke Schofield’s whimsical imagery of animate and inanimate objects integrated in unexpected ways is a sophisticated combination of photography, collage, oil paint, acrylic paint, wax and sometimes even tar. The surreal juxtaposition of imagery is reinforced by the eclectic use of media,… Read More »Anke Schofield Biography

Joshua Schicker Biography

Joshua Paul Schicker was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Raised in a variety of places, Joshua spent time in Izmir, Turkey, Guam and Washington state. These diverse experiences had much influence on his later work. He arrived in Phoenix, Arizona as a freshman in high school.… Read More »Joshua Schicker Biography

Clayton Rabo Biography

Clayton Rabo hails from Detroit, Michigan and currently resides in Prescott, Arizona. He graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design with a degree in graphic design. He worked in the fields of illustration and design for over twenty–five years. Over the past 10 years,… Read More »Clayton Rabo Biography

Nancy Ngo Biography

Born in Chicago, IL, raised in Arizona, Nancy grew up learning an appreciation for contrasting landscapes. She developed an eye for the difference in the way the light reflects on various terrains in the country. She was fascinated with the light and color and started… Read More »Nancy Ngo Biography

Jodi Maas Biography

Jodi Maas was born in Manhattan, Kansas and moved several time during her childhood. Having lived in Hong Kong for 5 years, she was able to experience the diverse cultures and fascinating beauty of many exotic countries including India, Nepal, Thailand, Japan and the Philippines.… Read More »Jodi Maas Biography