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Total Solutions

Atlantic Arts has a history of providing unique art programs for the full range of developments in the commercial and corporate markets. We are at our best when we can meld a fine art perspective into the decorative intent to produce a lasting visual solution for the client and a distinctive experience for the user.

Key Projects

MGM/National Harbor

MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland, is an extraordinary collection of over 70 pieces of publicly available museum-quality work in a range of media.  An academic catalog is available.

Four Seasons Baltimore

The Four Seasons Baltimore has opened with the city’s largest hotel art collection. The collection, assembled by Mark Myers of Atlantic Arts includes period pieces from by the Washington Color School.
met 3

Met 3 Miami

As an example of an ongoing multi-family projects, The Met 3 collection was curated to provide fine art imagery at decorative budgets. 

Our Experience

Blending an academic basis in fine art and architecture, the perspective of travel in the field, and broad experience in sourcing, installation and placement we look at each project as an overall collection rather than as group of individual pieces. The sense of procession as a user moves through the space drives the selection process.

Our most successful and professionally satisfying art programs incorporate these elements to produce a distinctive identity to each space within the budget.


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