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Anke Schofield Biography

Piquing the imagination, Anke Schofield’s whimsical imagery of animate and inanimate objects integrated in unexpected ways is a sophisticated combination of photography, collage, oil paint, acrylic paint, wax and sometimes even tar. The surreal juxtaposition of imagery is reinforced by the eclectic use of media, melding the real with the imaginary.

Anke Schofield’s popular large-scale works, which feature fantastical dream-like images created through complex layernig, have been attracting national attention from galleries, collectors and curators.

The depth of Anke’s work continues to evolve as the imagery dives ever more daringly into the complexities of freedom, perception, balance, attachment, release and control.

Anke uses mixed media, including photography, collage, oil paint, acrylic paint, wax, tar, and/or epoxy reins on panel. Anke finishes her works with a smooth shiny veneer of epoxy resins, creating the dreamlike “trance,” by further separating image from reality and distancing the viewer from the textural physicality of the imagery. This intentional use of the resin finish creates a deliberate “through the looking glass” effect.

Anke Schofield was born in Ithaca, New York, 1972 ans was apprenticed as a professional photographer assistant when she was still in the 8th grade. Her father introduced her to to the wonders of the camera eaerly in life. Anke took to the form readily and with enthusiasm.

During high school Anke apprenticed with a number of artists in the New York area and eventually won a scholarship to the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she erned a bachelor’s degree in fine art. Throughout this period she pursued her studies of color throry and painting, continuing to find in these endeavors greater creative stimulus and inspiration than she had known in her photographic work.

“My work is insired photographically,” says Anke “but I take it beyond the ordinary representation to create a harmonious blend of texture with composition.”

Anke lives in Atlanta, Georgia